Friday, July 4, 2014

All i want is the absolute potato sadface.png (lossless bitchezzzzzz)

Been thinking about absolute, its implications and how is it related/differs from our world, for quite some time. I've had this dilemma for a day or two now about what would happen in a timeless world. What would happen if you were to move an object? Problem is i have been trying to use our world minus time as a make-do universe host for absolute and it just doesn't hold. No matter how i think about it there is no way you can move something in the absence of time, in our world, it would create a paradox -> In order for it to move it has to exist and have existed  in the new position and never have existed in the original position in the first place. Which is impossible, if it never existed how did it move, how can we know it moved. I'm certain however that i'm looking at it the wrong way, i was just pointing out why i think it is impossible for an absolute world to exist in our universe - time, not with our laws.
What brought this on, and should have started with this, is a phrase i saved on my phone and that is "Everything in the absence of time, is absolute.". I remember i was again trying to define the absolute, or find something absolute ( it's become a small obsession of mine) and thought that in the split second of time, something/anything is absolute, it can't be altered, it's like a photo. Obviously this is not practical, it's not actually real, because there are infinite slices and time flows regardless. It's just a theoretical projection from an absolute universe.
Remember i said we have absolute origins, it's one of those things.
I grow more curious every time but right now i'm stuck and i feel it's a big "stuck" because i somehow have to start the laws of an universe from scratch, and without finding relation between our universe and an absolute one everything would just be a story.
I must go on an adventure to firstly discover and understand our laws of physics. Gonna hire a first grade physics teacher :3.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Discrimination is quite ok.

Been a while since i wrote anything 'round here, but that's cuz of smoking, i swear i got this weird theory that smoking inhibits creativity - that or my time of re-starting to smoke just overlapped with a "seasonal" crap/block; whatever it was i'm back with a revelation today.
This came whilst i was preparing to make some fries, when i was peeling the skin off a potato. I had already finished about 3 potatoes with one still in my hand about half-way and two left in the sink; And as i was peeling off the one in my hand i was thinking that one more would be enough and i don't need the other one so i had to make a choice. I chose which one, in my mind, based on how it looked, but then i thought, it wasn't nice to the other potato (i know, my morals are strong even for potatoes) so unable to make a more moral decision, i repressed that thought and continued peeling off the one potato in my hand thinking that when the time comes i'll simply think about it then( i know it sounds as if i'm thinking about shit too seriously, but really everything happened much faster, fast-firing thoughts, a process for a decision ~). So peeling off that potato, my mind flew in another direction, because i forget shit easily and i am easily distracted - finished that one off, and without thinking i chose the more "beautiful" potato, moment when i realized that its choosing wasn't coincidental. I had already made my decision so when that thought was unaltered by any outside factor, the true choice came first, the one that i wanted, but that i repressed based on morals ( morals are just guidelines in case i haven't said that before, but the ones i have yet to test/experience on my own, i just take for granted - this is a known fact in psychology however i am too lazy to provide a source).
My point in all this is, it's ok to dislike black people, if you have some valid reason ( they aren't beautiful still goes as valid), it's not discrimination, it's simply a choice you make, and you shouldn't mask that because it's "discriminating". You shouldn't however dislike black people because your pop/society/entourage  instilled that notion into you, for example, because that is just sheepishly following something that you might not believe in, it's not true. It is also not necessarily ok to publicly make your choice known every single time you are near a black person ( I feel like i should clarify, that i chose black people as an example, simply because they are one of the more poignant subject up for discrimination), because it is natural to make sacrifices for a the better interaction of all of us. You should always aim for the median of things, yin and yang ~.
Anyway i have nothing against blacks, probably because i live in a country where i had no chance to interact with them, however i do have a qualm with the usage of the word "nigger". I think the amount of weight that word is given, and how sheepishly it is avoided is fucking retarded. Nigger is just a word, the same way guns are just guns. Whenever i hear the word "nigger" censured in a live-show/movie i cringe.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Boy why you so obsessed with me =)

I'm yet again going through a phase of depression. I don't know maybe it's seasonal depression. Since i started smoking again i noticed i'm more inclined to let myself go. I enjoy smoking even if i'm starting to dislike this weakness i'm indulging into. It's akin to a craving for immediate gains. Well it's basically a drug after all.
Indulging yourself in immediate gains is a vicious slope, you lose sight of true perspectives. And even though i am aware of that, i just can't find a reason, and that's the biggest hit.
Same with working; you work yourself off till you numb any dream you might have. So what's left to do, considering there are so many like me, and so few that are actually happy... get off your ass of course, pft. To what avail? There's certainly a dose of fear stopping me, but only the necessary amount; nah it's simply a lack of reason.  Society has dulled all our senses. A war would spice things up? A common villain. Something to feed the masses. Fuck it, i can't express what i'm thinking in a coherent manner so i'll just stop; I know that whoever felt this can relate and understands, and it's enough.
Haven't written in a while and i thought maybe i'd like to remember this when i'm happy, a dose of my own darkness. There's never light without darkness.

Thursday, December 12, 2013


I don't always ponder on stuff that would make even a hippie give me a wedgie, instead, today i was thinking at how unfinished our human interaction pattern is which would bore a hippie (yey).
Expression of one's self is subjugated by society's view of morality, so much so, that you have to feel deaths grips before you realize just how futile it is to try and fit in. You're alone from the moment you are born, to the moment you die, might as well experience life through your spectrum and not be held down by right and wrong.
Morality is just a construct to please our current aesthetic view on life; humanity has no clear goal to guide said morality other than "live". Naturally, when you base your sole existence on life in and of itself, you fear death. What is our purpose ? Is it that simple? Live? And if so, for what? life is not the final frontier, stop being so afraid to explore; And this is just an extreme example, i fear, you might see it as a subliminal message for suicide, which i assure you, it means you are missing the point. I'm just saying that it's the reason you are so afraid to take original steps. I don't know how to put it so i make myself clear...
I guess... we have a wrong view on what bad and good are. There is no good without bad and vice-versa they are both needed. The moment you make a mistake you should not regret, you should learn from it. If you keep that in mind, making mistakes won't make you feel reticent to trying again, on the contrary, it will get you eager to try again. It would speed up the evolution processes.
This all, is not to say that rules are not necessarily a good thing, they have played and are probably still needed to play a part. If anything they help by protecting the prospect of a better life, however they can also inhibit the spurt of evolution. None of them is right and wrong, however making more solid decisions based on yourself can't not help your development.
I guess this is a product of the helplessness i feel when i see this stagnant oasis of possibilities, people focusing on such trivial matters... Don't get me wrong, it was needed so that we could learn from it, but for how long? Come on... bring it for fucks sake!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Time travel 2

Date: 10-12-2013
Time :16:00

I want to revisit what i just translated about my time travel mumbo-jumbo, because i feel i left too many open ends.

In my previous assumption, i regarded time as the thing that both gives linearity to our universes and the "soup" ... that is time. I don't know of a word to explain that. Basically we take for granted that time must be linear, but why? The linearity is a property attributed to time, it's not included in time itself; Time can be just a soup containing all the information, the linearity is what deciphers it into what we perceive. Time as we know it, is made out of two dimensions.
Think of it as a cable, a cable has the copper inside it, and the insulation over it (not the best example but i hope you understand), if i were to melt that copper, it would be a *splat* of copper, and if i were to pour that copper into a mold (insulation) it is what it would give it the shape of a wire. So, in order to go back in time, i would first have to remove the insulation(one of the dimensions of the finite wire) and i would be left with the *splat* of time, giving me freedom to mold it as i please, hopefully allowing me to go back in time.
I like this one more, because it feels better tied together, but i'm not sure which side to take, so i'm out.

Time travel.

(translation )
Date: 8-12-2013

Every person has it's own universe and it's own ... existential line? ~something like that
The moment we interact with each other( 1+1 universes) , we create a parallel universe for the time we are interacting. Parallel, as in a temporary universe, a host for our own universes, that disappears the moment we stop interacting. Best defined as a "host universe". It can be correlated to virtual particles popping in and out of existence.
The result of this, is that there is no "mother" universe, we create, we take decisions.
Time is what holds all the universes on the same...temporal line (well fuck).
Time is what explains the linearity of our encounters despite every person having his own universe.
Meaning, that if time would not exist, the moment i would meet with another person(universe), i could meet him once when he is a kid and once when he is an adult, even if the encounters would not be far apart from each other. ((Either that, or now when i think about it, there could be a channel that holds time linearly aswell, so like two dimensions... but i'll leave it at that for now ))
Otherwise said, if, as an experiment, i would intersect the path of two universes (two persons), at regulate intervals, in the absence of time, i could see them both at huge "age" differences of each other, and there would be no continuity,  or what we now perceive as a "mother" universe.
If this would be true, in theory, in order to travel in time, you would first have to cancel time out, and you would get a chaotic intersection of time frames.
-Infancy- ((talking about the theory)) but this whole thing is conditioned by what happens with a universe when the one governing it, dies?~ Does his universe continue on living? or does it disappear along with him, or is it maybe taken over by something else?
If it were to disappear, it would mean that any past older than the oldest man alive, is forever lost, limiting time travel to a period of 100 ~ years. Unless of course the universe's governing is taken over by something else.
Or another method, would be to use the principle of "nothing is lost, everything is transformed" or better said energy. The dissipated energy from the death of a universe, has to be rebuilt into the initial universe and only after that travel back into it, destroying the initial 100 years limitation.